Base PriceEst. Time
SketchEuro 1001 hour
Line artEuro 1203 hours
ColorEuro 1604 hours

Full body

Base PriceEst. Time
SketchEuro 1503 hours
Line artEuro 1805 hours
ColorEuro 2006 hours


Price change
Elaborate Tattoos/Heraldry+25% of base price
Background+100% of base price
Complex/Multiple Weapons/Props+25% of base price
Feathered/Bat/Bug/Bone Wings+33% of base price
Additional Characters/Monsters+100% of base price for each
Additional Per/Familiar+50% of base price for each
Use for Resale+100% of total price
Creation of Derivative Works+100% of total price
Copyright Share+100% of total price
Rush Job+100% of total price

If you are interested please get in touch with me!